How Far Is It to Bethlehem: Mountain Roads Release

During the first week of December, Deb and I travelled back to Indiana and Kentucky. We had several things to accomplish on the trip, some joyful and some sad. Some of the joy was the chance to perform with Brian Keith Wallen and with Rick and Holly Garrett again. The Sara Holroyd Singers, a group of University of Kentucky Choristers alumni, performed on the taping of An Appalachian Christmas 8 for Red Barn Radio. At each performance, I had the chance to perform my favorite traditional English carol, How Far Is It to Bethlehem.

Brian and I celebrated the CD release of Mountain Roads with a concert at Southport Christian Church. I included How Far Is It to Bethlehem in my solo set. With the camera work of Susan McNeely, Deb Phelps, and Russell Smith from DisciplesNet Church, we captured this video.

It’s offered here with our best wishes for a merry Christmas.