Singer of Songs, Breaker of Bread

Dean Phelps

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Part blues and part old school country, seasoned with a pinch of gospel, Kentucky-born guitarist Dean Phelps combines the rhythmic beat of thumbpick guitar with a soulful vocal style. He stirs his guitar and voice into a repertoire of songs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, creating a style that is reminiscent of performers like Merle Travis and Doc Watson with a hint of Leon Redbone.


Finding My Way

Finding My Way

Finding My Way contains 15 tracks of the most popular songs from Dean’s live performances. Among the selections are The Heart of a Hobo, written by Kurt Fortmeyer and Billy Phillips (Kurt was one of the writers of My Dog Jesus), and Johnson Street Rag, an original instrumental.

How Can I Keep from Singing

How Can I Keep from Singing

When the COVID-19 pandemic moved worship out of traditional sacred spaces, Dean began recording and sharing a hymn video each week. The videos included the hymn text as an encouragement for folks to sing along. How Can I Keep from Singing offer a selection of 14 remastered hymns from that video collection.

I Heard It Somewhere

Dean is one of the nicest, friendliest guys I know, and [he] plays like cool water on a warm summer day.
Dan Bent