On Feeling Old

Having not yet completed 60 years, “feeling old” doesn’t truthfully describe me. I’d say I’ve just gotten to the point where I am fully appreciating middle age. However, lately life has handed out a few reminders that the spring chicken days have come and gone. Within the span of a few months, three of my first cousins have died. Two of those were born within two months of me. As I told those gathered at one of the funerals, we’re the old generation now.

However, today Deb and I got to reconnect with a family that was part of a church I served near Fayetteville, Georgia. Mom and two of her three daughters met us for lunch. The oldest daughter would stand on a step stool behind the lectern and read the scripture with confidence. She had just graduated college in elementary education.

I had conducted the dedication service for the youngest as a newborn. Now she’s walking and talking and has hopes and dreams and plans.

If moving through middle age and into the golden years includes chances to see that life and work mattered to some folks, well, count me in.