Going Over Home, 20 Years Ago

Going Over Home, CD artwork

This week marked one year since the release of Mountain Roads with Brian Keith Wallen. As I recall the fun of making that record, I’m reminded that it was 20 years ago, in 1997, that I recorded and released my very first album, Going Over Home.

That album recalls a lot of good memories and appreciation for the many friends that contributed. Rick Paller not only let me use one of his paintings for the cover art, he also added his guitar skills and production instincts to several tracks. K. B. Travis on bass, well, they don’t call him “Killer Bassplayer” for nothing. When it comes to knowing exactly where to lay your track in tastefully, it’s hard to match Steve Mayfield.

And from the “Uphill Both Ways in the Snow” file, Going Over Home was recorded on 8-track, 1/2-inch tape, on a Tascam 80-8, expertly engineered by Mark Blackburn. I can still picture sitting in the booth, seeing Mark at the console with his son Nathan either on his knee or napping on the sofa.

So here’s to 20 years of Going Over Home! It’s not available on CD anymore, but I hope you’ll enjoy these samples from the album.