I Couldn’t Wait to Call Dad

Remembering My First Thumbpicking Contest

Hat, guitar, possum, trophy. In the green room at the Ozark Folk Center.On the weekend of August 13-14, I returned to First Christian Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for anĀ August visit. In 2013, First Christian invited me to be part of the church’s Music on the Labyrinth concert series. I have performed in the series for four straight years now.

Each year, I have stayed over and provided music during the worship service on Sunday. The past two years, I have also served as the regional minister to the Central Rocky Mountain Region, and so I have served at the communion table.

On this particular Sunday, senior minister Chuck Blaisdell’s sermon drew on the opening statements of the Lord’s Prayer. His message prompted me to tell the story of my first thumbpicking guitar contest and my initial thought upon hearing my name as the winner.