On the Air

It’s a red radio week for me as I make two radio appearances.

Redbud Radio

This Saturday night, I visit the studio of Redbud Radio for an interview with host Cary Allen Fields. T-Bone Mathley, host of T-Bone’s Prime Cuts, will be there as well. We’ll be talking about the release of Picking the Faith and listening to a couple of the studio tracks. I just bet they’ll try to talk me into picking a couple of tunes live as well. Being the nice guy that I am–that, and playing at the drop of a hat–I’ll gladly oblige.

Redbud Radio airs on WICR-FM (88.7) in Indianapolis at midnight on Saturday night / Sunday morning. You can also listen to the program any time next week by using the player on the web site for the ol’ Redbud Radio.

Redbud Radio also airs in San Antonio, Tex., on Sunday evenings on DJCR AM1670 at 6 p.m.

Red Barn Radio

Red Barn Radio celebrates the traditional music of Kentucky, so a little thumbpicking will fit right in. They record the program in front of a live audience on Wednesdays in the Performance Hall at ArtsPlace in Lexington.

I’ll head down to Lexington this Wednesday to tape a show. The taping will be streamed live on WGAD.NET. The edited program airs on several stations in Kentucky and Tennessee over the weekend. Please visit the Red Barn Radio web site for the complete list of broadcast times.