A Time for Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!
It’s Thanksgiving morning in the Phelps household. We’ll be celebrating away from home later in the day, which presented the opportunity to sleep in, an opportunity for which I’m extremely thankful! And as the year winds down into the holidays, Thanksgiving presents an opportunity to reflect on the many blessings this year has brought.
Because of online social networks, I’ve been able to reconnect with friends and former classmates, the kind of folks I would sometimes wonder about, “Whatever happened to…” In days gone by, I would have continued to wonder. We are blessed to live in an amazing time.
One of those reconnections was a woman I often sang with back in Lexington. Jennifer Yount Baker and I sang together in various groups and always for fun. She made the trip to Danville and Lexington last weekend, giving us the chance to harmonize again.
Since moving to Indianapolis, it’s been a blessing to make so many friends that I’ve been able to play music with and who have encouraged me to keep working, to record, to develop the thumbstyle guitar, and to start writing lyrics.
The high point of the year, musically speaking, has been sharing in Richard Propes’ 20th Anniversary Tenderness Tour and having If You Come Up Empty included on the compilation CD, Give a Girl a Chance. Looking at the list of artists included on that album is humbling to say the least. I often joke that it’s the only time my name can be used in the same sentence with Carrie Newcomer.
However, folks like you are the blessing I least want to overlook, folks who read these posts, come out to shows, buy CDs, share my music with your friends and offer your support and encouragement. You bless me more than you could know. Thank you for being friends and fans.
My prayer is that this Thanksgiving finds you grateful. Whether you are celebrating with a large group of family and friends, gathered in a more intimate group, or just going about the normal business of your life, may this holiday and this season be a time of grateful reflection for you as well.