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Sweet Sue, Just You
A jazz standard with vocal harmony that recalls the Mills Brothers, set to toe-tapping guitar reminiscent of Chet Atkins and Doc Watson.
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Wallen and Phelps

Ten More Miles (CD)
Celebrate Christmas with Wallen and Phelps! Ten More Miles combines the talents of Brian, Molly, and Dean to produce something special: a collection of folk, blues, and bluegrass influenced Christmas songs.
Wallen and Phelps Combo
Wallen and Phelps Combo
Get Ten More Miles and Mountain Roads, two CDs by Wallen and Phelps, at a discounted price.
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Price: $15.00
3 CD Combo Pack
3 CD Combo Pack
Get Ten More Miles and your choice of two other CDs at a discounted price.
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Price: $20.00
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Ten More Miles (Download)
Ten More Miles (Download)
Digital download of Ten More Miles, Christmas music with folk, blues, and bluegrass influences by Wallen and Phelps.
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More Music from Dean

Smiles - Live from Red Barn Radio (CD)
Compiled from two of Dean's appearances on the Red Barn Radio program, Smiles includes live versions of previously released studio recordings and two songs from the Appalachian Christmas program. (2017)
Mountain Roads (CD)
Brian Keith Wallen and Dean Phelps are established performers in their own right, but when they get together, they cook up a soulful mix of blues, bluegrass, old-time, and gospel music. Think Merle Travis meets John Mayer, introduced by Doc Watson. (2016)
Picking the Faith (CD)
Fourteen tracks of toe-tapping hymns and gospel tunes, built on a foundation of Travis-style guitar. The physical CD contains a bonus track not available as a download. (2012)
Give Us a Song (CD)
Songs about faith, love, and a dog named Jesus. This album highlights Dean’s acoustic singer-songwriter roots with covers of songs by Paul Simon, Jonathan Edwards, Kate Wolf and Bob Dylan. (2008)
This Old House (CD)
This Old House was Dean’s first recording with Indianapolis and Nashville producer Steve Creech. The album explores a variety of Dean’s musical influences and tells stories about people, life, and faith.