Mountain Roads, Wallen and Phelps

Mountain Roads (CD)
Brian Keith Wallen and Dean Phelps are established performers in their own right, but when they get together, they cook up a soulful mix of blues, bluegrass, old-time, and gospel music. Think Merle Travis meets John Mayer, introduced by Doc Watson. (2016)
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Brian Keith Wallen and I recorded Mountain Roads in 2016. Brian and I always bring out the best in each other, and we had a bundle of fun making this album. We’re delighted to share seven tracks of toe-tapping, foot-stomping fun with you.

Mountain Roads was recorded live in studio at Sawtelle Studio at Swallow Hill Music in Denver, Colo. We had just come from a morning gig in Denver, and when we got to the studio, we pretty much just set up mics and played. As a result, the recordings have a live, front porch feel to them. The album gives a feeling like you’re at one of our shows or sitting in the living room with us.

Read more about the making of Mountain Roads.

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