Combining award winning guitar skills with a soulful vocal style,
for heart-friendly songs to a toe-tapping beat

Meet Dean Phelps

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Although I am originally from Kentucky, these days Lakewood, Colorado, is home. Along the way, the path has led through Georgia, North Carolina, Indiana, and Oklahoma.

All along the way, though, music has gone with us. I have been singing, playing guitar, and performing for almost 40 years, earning local and national recognition that includes a first place championship in the thumbpicking guitar contest at Mountain View, Ark., in 2012. I was also named thumbpick guitar champion at the Indiana Picking and Fiddling Championship in 2010.

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Dean Phelps, Picking the Faith, the latest of four CDs

Four full-length albums are available as physical CDs and digital downloads at CD Baby, iTunes and other online stores.

  • Picking the Faith (2012): A collection of hymns and gospel songs in the thumbpicking Travis style.
  • This CD contains the popular song, My Dog Jesus
  • Give Us a Song (2008): A tribute to my singer-songwriter roots.
  • This Old House (2006): Exploring a variety of musical influences.
  • Going Over Home (1997): Songs of faith, still available as a digital download.


Use the player below to enjoy tracks from my studio and home recordings.

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DisciplesNet Church

It is a delight to have my music featured regularly in the worship services of DisciplesNet Church. DisciplesNet is an online congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).